A downloadable Scrap Pack for Windows

A pack of broken and incomplete trashgames made for #scrappyjam


Failures.zip 4 MB


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This Game-Pak has officially been UPDATED.

The video game called Fight now actually starts.

cash castle: thouht it was dwarf fortress but with a more roguelike approach. it was not right ?

Road drivin/cuuults: Is this ET for the atari ? i dind´t get it but ohhh god did it felt way to cut the grass it feels so awesome i jsut did ths instead of idk.

fight 3333: didnt worked sorry. some .dll file

foozles : God damit when i figured it out how to jump properly then it turned into a hard endless runner but with these neat little bubbles who are so much fun to watch also the animation are hilarious.

I really enjoyed my time with these games. Thanks man for running the jam!