Pico8 Jam 2

Made by: @AshleyPringle

when i was a kid, i'm not sure how old but i was in elementary, i went to a spring fair at school. there were a bunch of activities you could do, and one of them was paying a few bucks to play some videogame consoles.
some friends and i played for a long time, until my mom came to take me home for supper. while walking down the hall with her i looked into the principal's office and saw a boy who was probably a few years older than i was playing a computer game on a serious looking computer. i asked if i could have a turn, thinking that it was like the console games we paid to play earlier. it was in fact the principal's son playing a computer game on his dad's computer.

they let me play anyway. i think that game may have been moon patrol. it was a space based tank type game, at least in my formulation of the memory. its completely alien feel compared to playing teenage mutant ninja turtles on the nes made it very interesting to me. it felt like a simulation compared to the nes' cartoons.

this game is my attempt at recreating the feeling of playing that game as a kid.

the genre is 2d side scrolling Aspirational Power Fantasy. it is a criticism of the practice of militarily occupying foreign countries to murder and vilify the population under the pretense of helping them.

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AuthorAshley Pringle
Made withPICO-8
TagsPICO-8, Runner, Space, Tanks

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